Cross weather jackets & coats

by Mihajlo Cerovina

October 5, 2018

Autumn is a great time of the year, because of the layers and gorgeous cozy outfits. But the weather is changing and it’s kind of difficult to adapt. The main question is have we dressed enough, or have we dressed too much? The answer is cross seasoning jackets and coats! When the weather is unpredictable, sunny but windy, the best are jackets that provide some kind of protection, but still not very thick.

Flying(Bomber) jackets

In the beginning, the flying jackets appeared during the World Wars. In that time its main goal was to keep pilots as warm as possible.
So for their purpose, first of these jackets form was for the extreme cold weather. But as the time flew by, their journey through fashion started when the 70’s and 90’s came in and with them, bombers arrived into style, fashion designers laid hands on it and create varieties of bomber jackets. With that, it became wearable as a cross seasoning jacket and everyday jacket. Soon after they flash into the fashion, everybody wore it. From motorcyclists and skinheads to the police department. And in the early 2000’s became the part of hip-hop trend. They lay low for a little while, and around 2010’s had a comeback in street fashion. Even celebrities started wearing it, and kind of revealed the cool side of this jacket!

DNC Flying jacket

One of those street bomber jackets that definitely deserves mention, is this one. The DNC jackets are perfect for many occasions
and for all types of weather changes. Either you wanna fit it with your street style, or you wanna fit it in your elegant style, you can do it
because of its athletic and masculine silhouette. For the effortless style on the go, layer up the DNC with a jumper and a pair of jeans with everyday sneakers. Or for more elegance, you can dress it up a little bit by throwing on a pair of shoes and some scarf. So it’s not only about the jacket that defines your style, it’s about everything you wear with it.

Bisley jacket

The main quality of this jacket is its material, it’s almost completely made of polyester! When the autumn surprises you with the temperature drop, you’ll stay comfortable and at the same time warm. This jacket gives the special sense of security for all kind of cross weather, especially ideal for rainy days. And not only that, you can match it up with almost everything. So esthetical, it looks indeed good. And generally speaking, it is very useful, and pleasant for the eyes.

Charger jacket

Speaking of polyester, water repellants, and windproof jackets, there is one competitive jacket. That’s a unisex charger jacket by Biz Collection. In this jacket, you can charge at the elements with no fear! Pockets with waterproof zipper, eyelet ventilation, and a sleeve cuff adjusters are the features of this jacket. Perfect for outdoor people who love to spend time hiking through the woods, fishing, rafting, camping, and other activities.

Publish Nicandro jacket

With unexpected rain during the sunny days in autumn, it is important to have a jacket that guarantees a protection from rain. Its nylon hooded trench jacket, but its wearable in warmer days. It offers mentioned and unbeatable style, so it is definitely the jacket to have this season and of course all seasons after that.


Since we are talking about the cross weather, and what to wear, we can’t leave out the coats! Generally speaking, they come in so many
forms! Because of its structure, you can have it on at colder and warmer days. And it is wearable for both females and males. Coats has always been the personification of elegance and style! As one of the most iconic garments coats are usually open down in the front. With the closing of buttons, zippers, hook and loop fasteners, they come in different styles. There are a trench coat, pea coat, duffel coat, raincoat, a covert coat, chesterfield coat, British warm coat, and overcoats.

Wemoto coats

Wemoto is originated in Germany, in 2003. Because of its very impressive clean graphics, simple design, and great cuts, Wermoto is familiar as a simple brand with excellent items. Each season Wemoto comes with a super line of garments which feel awesome, and look amazing. It has a lot of different styles of coats and jackets, and also all other kinds of clothes. Absolutely the brand to try out this year!

Wemoto Emery Parka

Emery men Parka is a perfect coat that everyone should have in their closet. The Parka coat invented by Caribou Inuit are originally made for hunting and kayaking in the Arctic. Gorgeous color that melts into the surrounding and light weight are characteristics of this coat. It is a hooded coat with the zip that goes to the full length of the coat, adjustable sleeves and waistband with toggle drawstring. It has the chest pocket and the side pockets with snap fasteners, and also inside pockets. Like every good coat, it’s waterproof, and ideal for next months.


There is no person that hasn’t heard of denim, anyone who has a pair of jeans knows it. Denim is made from cotton. The main reason for making denim is its durability. The first denim was invented for workers because they didn’t have a proper equipment, especially durable pants. The creator of this legendary item Jacob W. Davis, at first started his own business to create something strong as much as possible. But because of the popularity that they gained, he had to co-operate with Levis Strauss & Co, and they spread the trend all over the world. Nowadays, we have a diversity of denim items, from jeans, dresses, skirts, shirts to jackets and coats. Denim coats are a lot like denim jackets. Some of them contain fur collar, and also on some of these coats, there is fur on the wrists. They are thicker than denim jackets so it’s a must-have item for this season. These essentials are recognized for its wear over anything fit. The older it gets the better it looks!

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