How To Dress Cool For A Party

by P M Q A

October 9, 2018

Many of us dress every day to go to work or to have lunch with friends, but when the time AKA party time, with someone we like or a girl’s night out, we have all said “I have nothing to wear” in front of a closet full of clothes that, really, would be more than ok to wear that night. I am one of them, and I waste a lot of time trying different outfits until I decide to wear what I put on at the beginning, don’t judge me. Men are quite practical at the time of dressing, a pair of pants, a shirt, some shoes that combine and that’s it, they’re ready to go. But we girls, like to look cute and glamorous, even if we go grocery shopping. Have you seen those movies were some girl meets this handsome guy and they fall in love for eternity? Well, I’m not gonna risk it. That is why I have decided to look for the most used trends of 2018 and analyze them together with the garments that we use most and have in our closet and achieve a look worthy of a red carpet, without running out of money for those mojitos that are oh-so-necessary. Also, Margaritas, please! Party looks are not complete until we have one!


A Black Dress for sure:

We all have one. Is timeless, it is ethereal, its perfect for that night out! The “oh so famous”, Little Black Dress is needed, for one thing, you can use it as many times as you want, and no one will notice it’s the exact same dress you were on Tracy’s party last week. Or last year, but it was your birthday so it’s different. See what I did there? The LBD ’s a perfect choice, you can combine it with a high ponytail, shiny earrings, and smokey eyes to enhance your eyes or if you want to stay in the classic road, the bombshell red lipstick. You can combine the same outfit you always wear, but if you style it different ways no one will know it’s the same dress. Play with different styles, have fun girl!

Animal Print has never been son wild:

I’m aware of the current save the planet movement, and I love it! So why not enhance the most beautiful and exotic living beings we have on the planet and wear their patterns as long as they are faux. They give you this fierce-girl-power vibe we all love, that we all need, especially on that Friday night! It’s been a most wanted for almost forever, for one thing. It is fun, fabulous but also sexy and it is not part of the safe zone. You NEED to wear this dress, otherwise, it will wear you and that won’t be fun. Play with patterns! Zebra, tiger, giraffe, etc. you can find many fashionable choices in the faux department.


Colored Mini Dress:

I’ve always said, it is so much fun and girly and risky to wear colors, instead of the classic black dress. Don’t get me wrong, I love the LBD otherwise I wouldn’t have written of it as a first choice, but there are so many pretty colors and so many pretty dresses to just not wear them! Be fierce, be confident in your skin and prepared to be the star of the night! Let’s be honest here, you are dying to wear that hot pink mini dress with curly hair, big earrings, and high heels. I just love it. I don’t own a hot pink mini dress but I’m going shopping looking for it like, right now. I need it. Bye.


Skirts with boots:

Since the Kardashians showed us how fancy could wear high knee boots with biker shorts, we were already being wearing that cute girly dress with kinda boy vibes boots, and it looked pretty good! So, we are going to give a little glow up to that teen style and wear black boots with a little sexy little dress! It will give you a bad-ass but also kind of fun look! It shows you are fun, free, ready to have fun but also you don’t care what others say about it, you are having fun! At 20’s we know a 12-inch heel is not worth it. Work it, girl!

Floral Prints:

We’ve talked about all these sexy outfits, but what about our sweet girls? This is for you! It is fun to wear funky colors and all, but sometimes we feel a little more feminine as the cute pumpkins we are. Wear it as a maxi dress with some tennis shoes to give it a little more “I’m free” vibe, or you can style with heels or a pair of boots. It works both ways. A pretty makeup with some pink lipstick will give you the pretty flower vibe you are looking for. Style it with a Margarita drink too, we are talking flowers after all right?

Jeans with a badass jacket:

Some girls are over the dress thing but are looking for a fun outfit to wear and feel pretty too! So, this is one of the most famous go-go I can give you. Nice, effortless and edgy. That’s your vibe right here girl, have fun! Wear those comfy jeans, and style it with the fanciest jacket in town! It can be a furry style, leather, polyester, wear it all!

Oversized Blazer:

If Kendall Jenner can wear it, you can do it too. We’ve seen in have a special place in the 2018 runways, it is different, edgy and a style our moms used to wear without knowing it would come back! The fun part in this, it’s you can be a formal respected woman in the office in the day, and a freaky party animal on the night! Wear it with high waisted jeans and a bralette for a more “free spirit” look, or, formal pants, some comfy Adidas shoes and you are ready to rock!


By P M Q A

Piscis dreamer, such a look-at-the-clouds type. Sunflower eyes, milky way mind 21 winters


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